Come on in...

Meet Gigi.


“A Whole Other Magic” will become a timeless classic! The story is poetic and beautifully told. The illustrations are nothing short of stunningly. This book strikes to the core of what has become a large problem in a child’s world today. We have substituted stimulation for imaginative play. This should be a must have book for every household where children are loved and read too.


This beautiful book reminds us that Wonder is always there, inviting us to come out and play! That its mysterious, tickling nature tempts and delights our imagination to soar beyond the bounds of what we normally confine ourselves to. Being with Wonder is indeed a treasure to behold, a gift to give to those playful hearts close to you, including your own inner child!”

Vince Gowmon

I read your Wonder book to my oldest girl today. I feel like it was one of the first times we could see eye to eye about the value of “child like” play for years. It was like she could sigh and just settle into her natural sanguine nature that she has laid aside as non essential for so long. Thank you for being such a light.


Thank you for